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TTI Success Insights has been working with trainers, coaches, consultants and recruiters around the globe for over 30 years. Through our international network of Master Distributors we have built an active client base of over 7,000 distributors. Around the world over 100,000 companies have benefited from the TTISI suite of assessments and this number grows every day.

TTI Success Insights is the world leader in the assessment industry. As an indicator of this, somewhere in the world a report is generated in our system every 10.1 seconds. We have over 7,000 active Value Added Associates (VAAs) using our tools to select, develop and manage talent within organisations across the world. The tools are used in a variety of business functions in both large corporations as well as small and medium enterprises. Some of the common applications of our tools include: leadership development, sales and customer service training, team building, coaching, change management, employee engagement, as well as recruitment and pre-employment selection.

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TTI Success Insights - United Kingdom

Based in the City of London and in the Staffordshire Moorlands, we have built our organisation on some fundamental guiding principles: • To be leaders in the provision of talent management tools for organisations • To only supply tools that are of the highest validity, reliability and which provide the greatest impact to our clients • To be honest & ethical at all times • To operate on the basis of trust first • To strive for excellence in customer service and to provide a quick, reliable and dependable service.

We value and trust our network of Distributors consisting of Trainers, Consultants and Coaches who we continually strive to share information with so that we can mutually develop and grow. We also assist professionals within organisations in the United Kingdom who use our assessments to accompany their Recruitment and Selection processes and their Learning and Development programmes. All TTI Success Insights UK employees are highly qualified, experienced and competent individuals who are prized within the organisation for their outstanding ethics, integrity, loyalty and their unrivalled commitment to Customer Service.

"Over 7,000 consultants and 100,000 clients across 90 countries in 40 languages."

Some of our Customers From Around the World Include:


TTI Success Insights - History and Research

Target Training International, Ltd. was founded in 1984 by Bill J. Bonnstetter and his son, Dave Bonnstetter. As the first company in the world to computerise the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) assessment via our patented Internet Delivery Service® (IDS) TTI has lead the assessment industry for decades.

TTI Success Insights are frequent authors of manuals, journals and white papers in the talent assessment field including the recent re-release of William Moulton Marston’s book "Emotions of Normal People." TTI Success Insights holds three patents: one for its ground-breaking job benchmarking process, one for its Internet Delivery System, and one for its employee success prediction system.

TTI's research is concentrated in the business field rather than in academia. Our research team have developed an unparalleled suite of tools that can accurately measure and practically apply five sciences of human performance including:

  • The Science of Behaviour – HOW we behave and communicate, measured using the world famous DISC Profile. Learn more about the science of behaviour.
  • The Science of Motivation – WHY we move into action, measured using the Workplace Motivators Profile. Learn more about the science of motivation.
  • The Science of Personal Skills – WHICH competencies we have mastered and to what level, measured using the TTI DNA Profile. Learn more about the science of competencies.
  • The Science of Acumen/Decision Making – WHAT personal talents we have at our disposal, measured using the Hartman Value Profile. Learn more about the science of acumen.
  • The Science of Emotional Intelligence – DO we actively apply the principles of emotional intelligence, measured using the TTI Emotional Quotient Profile. Learn more about the science of emotional intelligence.
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